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Hushabye (2019) - Rick Sparks
Review by Steve Sheppard (online review & albums features HERE)

"Rick Sparks has sealed an everlasting legacy as a musician who can soothe and calm his listeners with the first few bars of any song he has recorded, his crafted approach is a gift that many just hope to find, and it is this genius we discover on this his latest release called Hushabye."

"At many times in our lives, we will require places of peace, moments of solitude and sanctuaries of the soul, this album can create all three, simply put meditative relaxing music has never been in such safe hands."

"This is a beautiful moving album, filled full of tones that touch with ease the hem of the neo classical genre, and moments of magic like the tracks Love Can Make You Happy and Dreams of Peace, are but two fine examples of this soothing narrative of calm."

"The softness and tender performance that Sparks gives is a delight to listen to on its own, especially on one of my favourite tracks entitled When The Stars Came Out, the angelic harmonies and flute just add a further layer of tranquillity to the proceedings. Then we can then simply float on offerings like the soft and serene tones of And She Dreams, and be completely lulled to a faraway land with the composition We Are Loved, the track that ends this stunning album."

"Hushabye is an album that children will adore falling asleep to, it is a release that anyone of any age at all, would love to just have playing around them, for it is from these very peaceful arrangements that each of us will find those moments of calming grace and perhaps even a sojourn into a world of restful slumber."

"Hushabye is another loving creation manifested by Rick Sparks, it is the musical equivalent of having a loved one put an arm around you and tell you everything is going to be alright, an absolute meditative must for all serious music lovers."

 (special thanks to Kathy Parsons for making Hushabye a "Kathy's Pick" album!)


Rick Sparks

2019 / Rick Sparks Music

43 minutes

Review by Kathy Parsons

Hushabye is the sixth album from pianist/composer/keyboardist Rick Sparks. Widely-known for his peaceful, melodic music that often layers strings and ethereal voices over the piano, Sparks created this album specifically to help listeners with relaxation, meditation and sleep. He explains: “I wanted to record an album of soothing music that both adults and children could relax with. I wanted the songs on this album to feel like a favorite soft pillow.”
In this case, I have to assume that referring to this album as “a real snooze” would actually be very positive - and it is intended to be! Subtitled “Sail away to dreamland,” this gorgeous album contains nine new original tracks and two covers: Sparks’ instrumental arrangement of the 1969 pop hit, “Love Can Make You Happy” and the classic children’s hymn “Jesus Loves Me.”
I really wish this album had been around when I was having problems sleeping a few years ago, but I know what I’m getting for several friends for Christmas! I really can’t imagine a more pleasant way to induce sleep or for easing away the stresses of a hectic day.

Hushabye begins with a short prelude called “My Soul To Keep,” which was inspired by the prayer so many of us recited as children. Performed a cappella by angelic choir voices, it’s a beautiful start!
“Love Can Make You Happy” was originally recorded by the group Mercy, and Sparks’ blissful arrangement is a bit slower and features, piano, strings and wordless vocals.
The title for “Dreams of Peace” could refer to dreaming of peace or peaceful dreams, and it really doesn’t matter which way you interpret it - just sit back and enjoy the soothing massage for the mind and soul.
The gentle and very delicate “Little Flower is piano, strings and wordless vocals and has a somewhat Asian feel. Very open and uncluttered, the simple melody is hypnotic.
“No Greater Love” refers to Jesus’ teaching and shimmers with a peaceful, magical glow - I love this one! “When the Stars Come Out” adds flute to the mix of voices, piano and strings and casts a rapturous spell.
“Jesus Loves Me” is the first hymn many of us learned as kids and the warm reassurance of eternal love flows from each note.
More ambient than most of the rest of the album, “Cloud Pillow” floats effortlessly on a gentle breeze of sound.
“And She Dreams” is also quite ambient (and VERY peaceful!), but the “angel voices” make it a bit more melodic while expressing innocence and tranquility.
Inspired by the music of English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, “Angel Song” returns to the a cappella choir’s vocalizations (no lyrics).
“We Are Loved” closes the album with “a great sentiment that I hope fills both our dreams and our waking hours” (quoting Rick Sparks). If you haven’t melted into a happy puddle yet, just hit the “replay” button and drift off to a very happy Dreamland!

Rick Sparks has created another wonderful album with Hushabye! It is available from Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, and many streaming sites.

July 23, 2019


One World Music Radio

(Here is Steve Sheppard's review of our 2018 end-of-year single, Auld Lang Syne. Steve is the programmer for Europe's largest online radio station, One World Music Radio.)

"I had been listening to some extremely chilled classical music whilst reading my book over this festive period, when suddenly the opportunity came up to write a review for Rick Spark’s latest single, his version of the classic Auld Lang Syne."

"Quite appropriately for this time of year. I was still in a place of bliss thanks to his Half Moon Bay album and here we have more of the same beauty in music, the same wonderful floating and angelic narrative is given to this endless piece of peace."

"Sparks has really done this famous opus justice and created for us probably the most uplifting and soulful version ever of this composition. The style is a real mixture of classical, new age and a little Celtic, all masterfully arranged and gifted to us the ever eager listener."

"If you would really like a warm and loving version of this song, then without a doubt I can recommend this version by Rick Sparks. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a hug to your heart, and of course simply the best musical way to end the year." -Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio.

Blue Wolf Reviews

Half Moon Bay

Dreamy and refreshing, this peaceful collection Half Moon Bay from the piano of Rick Sparks is an absolute delight, inspired by his love of the ocean and the love and enjoyment of the peace, relaxation and beauty there to be found and enjoyed.

A lover of the Beach Boys music of the ‘60s and their brilliance at being able to capture the very essence of the beat, the vibe and the spiritual nature of the ocean, Sparks has used the legacy Brian Wilson created and his love of the ocean as inspiration.

The track Half Moon Bay composed by Brian Wilson is a slightly softer version of the original but has that unmistakable finger picking style of acoustic guitar added to the piano melody to tweak the memory. This tribute is shown throughout the album with the Lonely Sea a slow, moody rendition introduced with the sound of surf breaking and Summers Gone, an iconic Beach Boys tracks, offered with a gentle reverence to create an ethereal and introspective piece. Penned as Wilson looks back over the halcyon days of his life, accepting that summer and indeed gone and the days of peace and acceptance are a beautiful reward, Summers Gone was the last song on their final album recorded in 2012.

First Light is introduced as synthesiser song, solemn and peaceful, it has been written in tribute to the morning rays of the sun slowly climbing over the horizon to grace the ocean with it glorious colour just for that one, perfect moment in time.

The refreshing and often longed for fresh summer sea breeze on a day of intense heat, has been captured in Whisper in the Wind, an evocative piece with a lovely addition of flute and vocals. Sunset Dreams is as it is titled, a tribute to the slow and often spectacular drawing on of the day by the ocean regardless of the time of year.

Following on from his last release (Nightfall London), this album has the same trademark magic created by Rick Sparks as he pays tribute to the ocean and the peace and tranquility that can be discovered there.

Once again, an inspired and talented album.

HALF MOON BAY - Profile & artist interview by Robert Silverstein 

With a timely dose of sonic brain relief, Rick Sparks channels the music gods on his 2018 CD, Half Moon BayA fine follow up to Rick’s 2017 CD Nightfall London, the ten track Half Moon Bay features a wealth of new original music along with a decidedly Southern California influence, especially when you consider there’s several Brian Wilson classics, redone here in Rick’s New Age / contemporary instrumental music style. Fascinating to note here is the album title track, Half Moon Bay, itself a cover of a Brian Wilson instrumental from 2015’s No Pier Pressure. 

Rick adds, “How natural that Brian titled his song “Half Moon Bay” after a little surfing community on the California coast. That song was the perfect choice to be the title cut on my new album.” Rick cites his strong religious beliefs as the foundation for his spiritual approach to music to which he adds, "I can’t imagine not having the inner peace and assurance that comes from my Christian faith. It’s so natural that whatever is in the heart of an artist will be evident in his or her music. In a world that is increasingly dark and worrisome to all of us, producing music that helps the hearer experience peace and beauty is such a privilege for me… it’s basically an outgrowth of the peace that comes from my faith in Jesus Christ. He created the universe, He gave us the priceless gift of music, and He proved His love for us a long time ago on an old rugged cross." 

A gifted musician who grew up in the heartland of the American south, Rick Sparks transcends musical borders on the brilliant and soothing instrumental sound of Half Moon Bay, an album that, as Rick appropriately states, “feeds the soul, inspires and uplifts.”

(Read Robert Silverstein's 2018 interview w. Rick at

(Half Moon Bay is a "Kathy's Pick" album by Kathy Parsons of - "highly recommended.")
Half Moon Bay
Rick Sparks
2018 / Rick Sparks Music
48 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Half Moon Bay is pianist/keyboardist Rick Sparks’ fifth album to date and is a combination of seven original compositions that celebrate the peaceful nature of being by the ocean plus three instrumental arrangements of songs by Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys).
Right upfront, I want to stay that there are no toe-tappers on this album - Wilson’s pieces are quiet and serene - no “I Get Around” or “Little Deuce Coupe” (although that could have been interesting with strings and “angel voices.” But I digress!). To quote Sparks: “There’s something special about the ocean. The beach is a great place to relax, meditate, commune with nature, fall in love, nurture love or just escape from the pressures of everyday life.” There are so many different moods and colors of the ocean, but Sparks keeps this album centered on the tranquility of calm seas and gentle breezes. As a result, the tone of the album stays very even throughout - no storm warnings or pounding surf. So, if you are looking for a real stress-buster to unwind with or to set a warm and cozy mood, Half Moon Bay should do that for you!

Half Moon Bay begins with “Sand and Stars,” a piece for piano, strings, guitar and wordless vocals. This piece could be used to define the word “peaceful” with its slow graceful flow and sense of complete calm. Images come to mind of a night with a full moon and brightly sparkling stars reflecting off of the water as it gently laps at the shore. The title track is the first of Wilson’s songs on the album. Named for a small coastal town on the central California coast, the piece first appeared on one of Wilson’s more recent albums (2015) and reflects on the inner peace that Wilson found later in life. Guitar, flute, layered voices and synth strings are the primary instrumentation in this beautiful piece.
The title for “Sunlight In Her Hair” comes from a line in The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” and is mostly acoustic finger-style guitar and synth strings - slow, melodic and smooth as glass. “You’re So Nice” is the only piano solo and captures the sweet innocence of first love - a favorite! Much more ambient, “First Light” was inspired by the peace and solitude of an early-morning sunrise over the ocean. Piano, layered voices, and synth effects evoke gentle pastel images and soothe the soul - also a favorite. “Lonely Sea” was originally recorded in 1962, early in The Beach Boys’ career. It begins with the sound of crashing waves before strings, flute, guitar and voices express the deeply poignant nature of this beautiful song. “Summer’s Gone” was on The Beach Boys’ final album in 2012. Piano, strings and voices create feelings of longing and nostalgia while reflecting on the warmth and beauty of past memories. I think I’ve turned into one big puddle, but it sure feels good!

Half Moon Bay is one of the most relaxing albums I’ve heard in a while, so if you need a little calm in your life or know someone who does, this is an excellent choice! It is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.
October 6, 2018

Midwest Book Review - Library CD shelf

Half Moon Bay
Rick Sparks
Privately Published
$9.99 CD / $8.99 download

The fifth album by new age keyboardist Rick Sparks, Half Moon Bay is a blissful soundscape that encapsulates the leisurely splendor of a summer beach. Serene and drifting, Half Moon Bay includes one solo piano piece ("You're So Nice") as well as contributions from electric guitar, fingerstyle guitar, flute medley, and more in tribute to the sounds of nature.

A blend of original music and selected covers, Half Moon Bay is a treasure for relaxation, meditation, or inspiration, highly recommended. The tracks are "Sand and Stars", "Half Moon Bay", "Sunlight In Her Hair", "You're So Nice", "Ocean Blue", "First Light", "Lonely Sea", "Whisper In the Wind", "Sunset Dreams", and "Summer's Gone".  -James Cox, managing editor, Midwest Book Review

Midwest Record

RICK SPARKS/ Half Moon Bay: So when was the last time you heard a new age piano record that had several Beach Boys tunes on it? The vet piano man loves the ocean and fondly recalls his days on the Carolina coast as a rejuvenating experience that he now wants to share. A delicate set that eases you into things, this is a fine soundtrack for clearing the mental palette of the dross of the day. Check it out. -Midwest Record, 9/1/18

Spirit Passages

"Nightfall London by Rick Sparks is a 'quiet piano' CD with lots of rich layers and textures from synthesizers as well as from acoustic instruments such as violins, strings, flutes and chimes. This is an ethereal, gentle and also transcendent recording."

"We get a LOT of "new age/neo-classical" CDs to review but many are repetitive and frankly boring. This CD is the exception I was waiting to hear! This is sensual, warm and uplifting music for the soul. Recommended!" -Evelyn Rysdyk, Spirit Passages e-dispatch

Veritas Vampirus

RICK SPARKS – Nightfall London (2017 / Rick Sparks Music)

Nightfall London is Rick Sparks’ fourth release, but you needn’t worry too much about the London aspect, as his gently soothing miniatures are just as descriptive of an evening spent quietly as stars emerge over the Smoky Mountains, or a slope of the Rockies, or a glade in the Great Plains, or even your own back patio after a hectic day at the office. Nightfall is indeed, though, anglophilic – inspired by the skies over Big Ben, the London Philharmonic, Sir George Martin, Paul McCartney, and others – but its embrasure of classicalist largos, adagios, fugues, and the more thoughtful modalities broaden everything out to wrap around the entire Earth.

Sparks holds a large affinity for angelic choral work and thus more than once has inserted beautiful synthesizer patches as transcendent as the refrains first crafted by Palestrina, Lassus, and others, later refined into opuses by Harold Budd and, returning to England, the Eno brothers and the early Moody Blues. In many ways, the introductory cut, “Across the River”, is the showcase for everything in the disc, a slow wistful composition brimming over with skyborne cherubim, washes of tone and color, and echoes of earth and the galactic reaches communing in nature’s unhurried rhythms. 

Sparks’ main instrument is piano, and it uninsistently dominates a number of cuts, taking a back seat whenever the composer-player chooses to go with synthesizer patches calling up the electric version of the instrument. And when I say “uninsistent”, I do not mean that the piano recedes to the background but instead that it's clear and resonant without needing to overemphasize itself, far more in the way of Satie, Tim Story, Liz Story’s more considered opuses, that sort of thing, what Budd described in his own work as “simply pretty...and utterly devastating”.

“Highland Rose”, however, departs a tad from the rest of the oeuvre. A love song to Sparks’ wife, it carries distinctive Celtic refrains via a synth flute patch and melody line cleaving to “The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond”. The entire tone of Nightfall London, though, is serenely pacific, blending the cosmic with the terrene, and a vastly superior example of the “anti-frantic alternative” movement, more so than all of Steven Halpern’s way too many releases combined and doubled. You’ll most definitely be smiling as you wend your way through the 10 tracks ofNightfall London…and perhaps through that glass of merlot complementing it. Bon sonic appétit!

One World Music Radio

"Nightfall London must be ranked as one of the best new-age albums I've heard this year." -Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio. Click above on "One World Music Radio" in white to hear Steve's audio review!

"When I think back, I have had an extensive career in broadcasting and media and I am always amazed when I come across albums that remind me of my past and Nightfall London does just that, in fact the melodies and performance style takes me back to my fledgling years as a broadcaster on local radio in the late 90’s. In those days New World Music was a label at its peak and the sound of New Age melodies floated forever across my turntables. Nightfall London returns me to my new age music roots, but also brings us up-to-date. It captures all that was good back then and releases new energies to the world with a lush sweet production."

"Listen to the opening piece called Across the River; this has to be one of the prettiest beginning pieces I have heard for ages. It has a delicate angelic repose; the piano is ethereal and loving. This is one of those tracks that you could easily watch the nightfall over any place or bridge in the world; the narrative is so redolent of the subject matter and drawn so well."

"The title track is amazing and of course called Nightfall London, the opening bars are a real scene setter, swirling back and forth, and creating musical imagery with every note played. I use to live just down the road from London, it was my place of birth and while things have changed there, this piece of music, creates for me a memory filled palace of emotive moments, of when I was a child and looked at everything, and saw only goodness with an innocent wide eyed wonder."

"After a classic moment of new age musical brilliance with the title track, we’re once again on our musical journey and we come across a composition called Little Angel. The performance here is ultra-delicate; it is as if we are a china doll waking up to find that we are alive in a world so vast an incalculable. Listen to Sparks on piano here, the fluency is amazing and a pleasure to listen to."

"The sound of a distant flute greets our ears on this next track called First Love. This is actually a very clever composition, a steady build and growth of musical mastery can be found here, but somehow Sparks takes on the subject of love, which at times can be both painful and all-consuming, and covers all the bases musically with a consummate ease."

"At the half way juncture, we shift location and find ourselves walking in the Tokyo Rain. The performance style gives us a subtle, but calming motif of an eastern flavour. One day I would like to go to Japan and I may well include this delightful piano piece on my playlist if I do, it would be perfect. A supremely well played arrangement indeed and one that depicts with ease, a warm summer rain drifting down from the skies above, and onto the puddled streets of Tokyo."

"As we now move deeper into the album we come across a charming composition called Beyond the Stars. A personal favourite subject of mine all of my life; I am a firm believer of an abundance of life throughout the universe. This track has a really beautiful flow to its arrangement and really reminds me once again of early new age music, from artists like Terry Oldfield and Stephen Rhodes. One can also find a movement of a slow rotation within this piece, perhaps our journey through and beyond the stars to the many myriad of dimensions that lay in waiting for us."

"Now it does seem rather strange for me, I’m sitting here in shorts and a short sleeve shirt, in temperatures of near on a 100f, and listening to In the Bleak Midwinter. The funny thing is it is one of a couple of carols that I do find most appealing. Once again Sparks does not only do the original song justice, he adds to its initial construction, by bringing an angelic choir and orchestration into the mix, I will have to remember this one for my Christmas playlists."

"We are now drawing to the end of the release, and we find a lovely track called Hearts as One waiting for us in the corner of the room, to the left of the log fire, this is charming. I mention the fire, only for the purpose of the romantic vision that it draws in my mind’s eye, as I could see myself laying with my beautiful wife upon a fur rug, snuggled up as our hearts beat as one to this stunningly heartfelt composition. A more romantic and all loving piece you would not find elsewhere."

"Our penultimate offering is called Highland Rose and it also gifts us a little moment of Celtic magic as well. The piano of Sparks manifests a painting of the highlands with ease, and whilst the tune plays and the melody wraps itself around our senses, we can drift off to a place so remote, but blissfully beautiful to behold. This is the skill of a master composer, listen as the orchestration kicks in, it’s subtle, but draws a compelling and graphic narrative."

"The end of the road has been reached with Rick Sparks and we are gifted just one more song to take with us along on our way, this one is called Evening Prayer. A gentle piece is created before our willing ears, and what a clever and respectful way to leave the album. Listen carefully to the calming and healing manifestation of chords and notes here, it is really exquisite and the addition of the ethereal choir only added to the magnificence of the overall composition."

"Nightfall London has indeed brought me full circle and I thank Rick Sparks for his efforts on this album, it has been created with love and intention and a delicacy of care and attention. Nightfall London must be ranked as one of the best New Age albums I have heard this year, its production and quality, along with its stylish and creative and self-assured performances, will bring a smile and a warmth to all who listen to this release, you just have to make Nightfall London part of your musical collection."  -Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

Wisconsin Bookwatch

Nightfall London
Rick Sparks
Privately Published
$9.99 CD / $7.99 download

"Nightfall London is a beautiful new age album designed to aid relaxation with its tranquil piano music, gently arranged with synthesizer to add layers and depth. Some electronic keyboards and individual string instruments, flutes, chimes, and choirs enrich this restful, revitalizing collection, highly recommended especially when winding down after a long day."

"The tracks are "Across the River" (5:25), "Nightfall London" (4:58), "Little Angel" (3:08), "First Love" (4:28), "Tokyo Rain" (4:29), "Beyond the Stars" (4:03), "In the Bleak Midwinter" (4:19), "Hearts As One" (4:29), "Highland Rose" (4:58), and "Evening Prayer" (5:28)."

Nightfall London
Rick Sparks
2017 / Rick Sparks
47 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
5 stars! 
A longtime fan of all things British, Sparks was inspired by the beautiful photo that became the album cover showing London at dusk with Big Ben standing regally yet gracefully near the Thames. Sparks explains: “The music of Nightfall London was inspired by the strings of the London Philharmonic, the ethereal voices of an English choir and the somber beauty of twilight over Big Ben. Even more specifically, the enduring legacy of Sir George Martin was a constant inspiration to me in my arrangements, especially the string parts.”

Nightfall London begins with “Across the River,” a gentle piece that could be about the Thames, but could also be a metaphor for the “crossing” that occurs at the end of our lives. It opens with a full string intro before becoming a piano solo that is occasionally accompanied by ethereal choral voices (no lyrics) and/ or strings - a lovely start! The title track also begins with a string prelude, but instead of piano, the primary instrument in this piece is a bell-like keyboard voice that is haunting, but very peaceful. Choral voices again enhance the beauty of the music and give it an even more spiritual feeling.
“Little Angel” was inspired by the headstone on an infant’s grave in an old mountain cemetery in Tennessee. Sad, but also expressing hope and acceptance, it’s a very poignant and touching piece. “First Love” expresses the wonder and magic of that very special time in our lives when we first really connect with someone. Piano, flute and strings convey tenderness and the sweet emotions of that experience.
“In the Bleak Midwinter” is the only cover song this time, and this arrangement is for piano, choir and strings. “Hearts As One” is a love song, pure and simple. “Evening Prayer” closes the album with “an evening prayer of peace and gratitude to the Almighty for blessing my life with the priceless gift of music and the love of friends and family.” Amen.

Nightfall London is a great way to unwind with piano-based music that overflows with hope, faith, and peace. It is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Recommended!

Midwest Record

"I've never thought of London as an especially quiet city, particularly since 'En-ga-land swings like a pendulum do,' but a picture of Big Ben at dusk inspired the quiet piano work here."

"A smart mostly solo set that finds Sparks' London much more pastoral than I would, but you can't argue with things that work. Kick-back music perfectly tailored for sonic getaways, this is quite solid restful work for when it's time to stopper down."

"No noodling here, contemporary instrumental fans have a winner here. Check it out."

"Matilda’s Flowers is a collection of ten gentle instrumentals assembled as a tribute to pianist/composer Rick Sparks’ grandmother. Included are seven original compositions, a wonderful cover of Sting’s Fields of Gold, and arrangements of two favorite hymns. Most of the songs have digital orchestrations in addition to the piano, and the music is intended to take the listener to a place of peace and quiet renewal."

"Matilda is remembered as a strong but gentle woman 'who loved flowers, her family and her Lord Jesus,' and these pieces express those qualities so well. The album begins with the title track, a warm and affectionate piano solo that reflects the sweet innocence of the cover artwork. The painting by Ludwig Knaus (1829-1910) is of a young girl picking an armload of flowers in a field - and the piece is a favorite!"

"Memories of Her makes me think of Kevin Kern’s tender melodies - always a treat! The piano plays at a leisurely tempo with string washes adding pastel tonal colors."

"I love Sparks’ arrangement of Fields of Gold! It begins with the sound of heavy rainfall and thunder, giving way to flute, keyboard and strings - gorgeous and soul-satisfying! Nothing But the Blood is the first of the two hymns. Various keyboard sounds and voices keep the heartfelt melody simple and very effective."

"Mountain Laurel is another favorite. A piano solo for most of the first half of the piece, strings and wordless vocals are added to the second half. I love the graceful simplicity of the melody and the contented feeling of the piece."

"Old Tennessee is a nostalgic look back to a less complicated time - also a favorite. Tildy’s Waltz is a charming solo piano waltz that alternates between major and minor modes, giving the piece a bittersweet taste - my favorite piece on the album!"

"Nearer My God To Thee is said to have been played by the ship’s orchestra as the Titanic sank in 1912, the year of Matilda’s wedding. Sparks has arranged it as a lovely piano solo that brings the album to a close."

"Matilda’s Flowers is an excellent second release from Rick Sparks! It is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Recommended!" -Kathy Parsons, September 19, 2016

Creations Magazine

"Mr. Sparks subtitled this work, Quiet piano to replenish your spirit. It’s a fitting subtitle."

"Opening with a Gordon Lightfoot cover (Beautiful), which Sparks makes all his own, the album progresses with other excellent covers and original compositions. His clean and sure piano is augmented to great effect by synthesized strings and vocals, always in tasteful balance to his star-turn piano playing."

"The title song, Endless, inspired, as was the album in its entirety, by the star-filled night sky, is exquisite. The Wexford Carol is another standout."

"Highly recommended."

Wind and Wire


"I find myself amazed at how professional and accomplished some artists' first or second releases can sound these days. It's almost as if these recording musicians come out of the gate as seasoned pros! Such is the case with Rick Sparks."

"Sparks' use of keyboard textures and embellishments, to accent his mellow and warm piano lead melodies, is way ahead of many of his contemporaries."

"Star-shimmering synths kick off the first track, a cover of Gordon Lightfoot's Beautiful... what a fantastic opening track - it had me hooked on the first playing!"

"Endless is, to me, one of the top albums of 2014... gorgeous graphics, flawless production and virtuoso performance."

Music and Media Focus


"Rick's goal is to create music that 'feeds the soul,' and he has certainly done that on Endless, an album full of grace, beauty and spiritual inspiration."

"(There's a) sense of longing and mystery in the album's evocative title track, which I found quite moving."

"Lovely and delicate piano melodies, washes of dreamy ethereal synthesizer and accents of acoustic guitar."


"It's a beauty from the stunning cover artwork to every note of music."

"All of the songs are wonderful, but I hope Sparks will grace us with more of his originals next time!"

"I love the title track, a gentle and soothing piece that suggests vast open spaces and infinite peace - this is a must-hear!"

"Rick Sparks' new career as a recording artist is off to a great start! If you are looking for some quiet, heartfelt piano music, be sure to check this one out! Recommended!"

Improvijazzation Nation

"From the cover art and the liners, it’s clear that Rick was thinking of (or maybe looking at) the sky when he composed this… some simple, yet wonderful, sonic experiences that remind us of how timeless music can be. All you have to listen to is the first few bars of the opener, Beautiful, to be convinced of his mastery in music."

"I’m highly impressed with his gentle, yet emotionally filling, touch on the keyboards, and the sonics he’s woven together with tunes like the majestic Wexford Carol will fill you with the kind of joy that only high talent in music can bring. It was the wonderful weave of voices on Loch Lomond that made it my favorite of the ten tunes Rick offered up for your listening pleasure… the pacing on this one is just fantastic, like you’ve never heard it before."

"I give Rick a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an EQ (energy quotient) rating of 4.98. Get more information about this great artist at Rick’s website." -Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation

New Age Music Reviews


"The blend of original works, cover songs and historic favorites make this album a wonderful listen."

"Loch Lomond is pure magic. The ethereal nature of this piece was a shiver of delight."

"If you want a respite from the world this holiday season, have a sit-down with Endless. It is a joy to the world."